No side effects
Systemic concentrations are not important thanks to this non invasive method ( Systemic Impact of 0,04 % approximately).

  Transportation of higher medicine quantity

The use of ice allow a better use of electricity to transport higher principle active

quantity, more than 60-80% compared to traditional methods.

  High quantity of medicine reaches spots

Active principle penetrates skin barriers and reaches affected spots in great quantities.

  Penetration and drug absorption

Oscillating currents easily transport medicine toward deep affected spots

( 6-8 cm approximately).

  Migher efficacy of active principle

Vasoconstrictor effect provided by ice blocks premature removal of medicine.

  Bhort treatment length

Accuracy, profundity and high quantity of transported medicine reduces medical examinations.

Aloisi Instruments Research s.r.l. is a research company specialized in creation and development of medical techniques and devices that created a new painless technique, world wide used to treat local diseases. With Cryoelectrophoresis iced hydro-soluble and ionizable

ubstances, areaccurately and deeply introduced through a transdermic course into the organism thanks to electricity. Specific machinery utilizes a particular electric pulse, to ionize iced drug in order to easily penetrate the affected spot, allowing absorption of great drug quantities without contraindications, unimaginable until today with traditional methods.
Cryoelectrophoresis technique locally administrates and transports drugs or natural active principles just like a syringe introduces medicine into the organism.
Therefore medicine and not the device heal disease thanks to this extraordinary technique. For this reason Cryoelectrophoresis may be used for all local diseases and is today one of the most important innovations in therapeutic and medical fields.


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